New performance reports

Kyero agents just got a whole new dashboard, and a whole new sales opportunity.

Agent performance screenshot

We’re pleased to introduce the first phase in increasing the amount of information we provide to both agents and buyers using When logging on Kyero agents now see a new dashboard that includes a 30-day performance summary and detailed insights into their property listings.

Our reasons for creating this were two-fold: First, we want to be more transparent.

Agents now get a detailed view of who’s looking at their listings, their performance versus other agents, and a clearer summary of their real advertising costs.

The second job of the dashboard is to help agents find new sales opportunities.

The system quickly highlights buyer demand, potential issues with sales information, plus a suite of demographics data to help agents tailor their pitches for the audience.

There are four key sections…

Kyero performance summary (key)

1. Visitor activity

This shows a 30-day breakdown of your visitor activity on your listings, including how many people viewed your properties, how many enquiries were made and the cost per lead of your advertising on

2. Properties for sale

Here we display your sales price to response ratio, giving valuable insight into your property portfolio’s supply and demand. Use this to inform your listing decisions.

3. About your audience

The demographics of your visitors, comprising age range, gender and nationality. Use this information to inform your translation choices, and language style.

4. Listings health

You will also find an analysis of your property adverts, showing the languages you have full descriptions for, and how feature complete your listings are (we encourage you to add as much information as possible to increase the interest in your properties).

We are committed to continually improving our service to you and we hope that you find this extra insight helpful in improving your listings and advertising with us.

Your feedback is always welcome, so do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any queries.

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